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We're located at 5601 West Jackson, Muncie, IN

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA)

Job at Muncie Alliance Church

We are looking for a person who loves students and has a definite call from God to win, build, and equip students (grades 6-12)

Job Description

General Description

Communication: All communication and request for application should be made to: Rev. Ted Harris, [email protected]

Deadline for Application is July 15, 2019

Scope of Position:

We are hiring a full time staff position. Currently, we believe, student ministries will not require full time so the week’s responsibilities will be divided between Student Ministry (grades 6-12) and Children’s Ministry. We are estimating a 30-35 hours for students and 10-15 hours for children. The goal is to move in the direction of full time in Student Ministry.

Goal: The minister of Students (Grades 6-12) shall prayerfully work with the Lead Pastor, Elder Board and Finance Board as well as other members of the staff to disciple students under his/her care in accordance with the beliefs and philosophy of Muncie Alliance Church (hereafter- “the church”) and its Elder Board.

Overview: As Director of Student Ministries, this position will be responsible for developing and implementing a ministry of evangelism and discipleship specifically for students and consistent with the philosophy of ministry of the church. They will need to recruit and train a team of volunteers that enables reaching the most students.

Responsible to: Senior Pastor and Elder Board. This position is not a member of the Elder Board but may be asked to join discussions as they pertain to Student Ministries. They will also come under the direction and supervision of the Director of Children’s Ministry as appropriate to those delineated responsibilities.

Supervises: May supervise volunteers in the ministry of youth & children.

Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of professional personnel and this job description.

Type of Position: Salaried- 12 month.

Essential Personal Qualities

The Director of Student Ministries shall:

Have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and be able to articulate this to others.
Believe that the Bible is God’s Word and the standard for faith and daily living.
Hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Be in whole-hearted agreement with the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s Statement of Faith.
Be a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions toward others. This includes being committed to God’s Biblical standards for sexual conduct.
Currently holds or is willing to pursue licensing and ordination or consecration with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Show, by example, the importance of Scripture study, memorization, prayer, witnessing and unity in the body of Christ.
Have the spiritual maturity, academic ability and personal leadership qualities to teach God’s word to youth, children and adults.

Additional Personal Qualities

The Director of Student Ministries shall:

Recognize the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their children’s spiritual formation and be prepared to assist them in that task.
Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance and punctuality.
Support the broader programming of the church by attending those activities that would be appropriate & beneficial to his/her own spiritual growth and maturity.
Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity and optimism.
Maintain a personal appearance that is a model of cleanliness and modesty.
To communicate, both written and verbal, in a professional manner that represents and reflects well on God and the church to the congregation and the general public.
Respectfully submit to and be loyal to constituted authority.
Notify the senior pastor and elder board of any policy he/she is unable to support.
Refuse to use or circulate confidential information inappropriately. High level of confidentiality.
Place his/her ministry ahead of other jobs or volunteer activities.
Make an effort to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of the community.

Job Description- Essential Functions

The Director of Student Ministries shall:

Reflect the vision, mission and purpose of the denomination and the church in all aspects of the ministry.
Develop and implement lessons and activities that:
Encourage and motivate students to accept God’s gift of salvation,
Develop a Biblical Worldview,
Help them grow in their faith through their witness and Christian role-modeling,
Lead students to realize their self-worth and identity in Christ.
Regularly teach and provide supervision to the teaching rotation (volunteers) of the youth ministry.
Develop the scope and sequence of learning in youth ministry.
Develop criteria for the evaluation of learning materials in youth ministry.
Assist and equip volunteers in utilizing appropriate teaching techniques to achieve ministry goals in the scope and sequence of learning for youth ministry.
Provide and develop, within the allocated budget, a variety of activities, learning opportunities and training activities designed to meet the objectives of the youth ministry.
Develop and maintain rapport with students, parents and staff by treating others with friendliness, dignity, consideration and respect.
Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflict with students, parents, staff and others.
Attend and participate in regular staff meetings and elder meetings as requested.
Know and follow proper procedures for dealing with emergency situations for minors in your care.

Job Descriptions- Functions as they pertain to Children’s Ministry


Meet weekly for Prayer and Strategic Planning
Create communications for parent updates via – email, Facebook and other media


Assist in the planning and recruiting volunteers on each month’s special event.
Assist in the planning and implementation of the annual Vacation Bible School
Administration and organization as directed

Muncie Alliance Church