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I live in Pretoria, South Africa, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Christian Reformed Church (CRC) church
  • Free Methodist church
  • Non-denominational church

Luke Dives's résumé

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I am called to develop and cultivate an identity in Jesus for teens and young adults. I believe in growing a faith that illuminates Christ in every one of life's moments!



High School Graduate (National Senior Certificate).
(Attended Pretoria Boys High School)

1 Year of Youth Ministry through the centre for contextual ministry at the University of Pretoria. Achieved a Higher Certificate in Youth Ministry.

1 Year 4G Youth Pastor training through the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.

2 years of a BA in health science and social services majoring in psychological counselling through UNISA (University of South Africa)

1 year of a Higher Certificate in Christian Ministry through the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary (to be completed in 2020).

Grade 5 Music theory (UNISA)

Royal Schools Grade 8 achieved for Alto Saxophone.


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