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I live in Kokomo, Indiana, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Children's Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

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  • Non-denominational church
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Trenton Gill's résumé

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I had once been an atheist actor in Hollywood, but became Christian in 2004. I am the servant/leader willing to go where no one else wants to go and do what no one else wants to do; I'll go into the darkness with the light and lead the lost to Christ.


• I self-published my testimony (Last Request) with Authorhouse publishing; I order copies of my own book and hand them out to unbelievers free of charge because I believe that the good news should be free to everyone just as it was free to me.
• I volunteered with the Los Angeles Dream Center on the food truck outreach ministry and branched out to outreach in the projects in the Jordan Downs area of California.
• I organized a homeless outreach ministry in both the Hollywood area of California and also Homosassa, Florida — I fed the homeless and preached to them in parks. 
• I was one of the leaders for the junior high services at Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida. 
• I served as an actor in the youth drama at Crossraods Community Church in Kokomo, Indiana.
• I rotated between being an usher, working as a parking lot attendant, and singing in the choir for what used to be my home church in Madison, Alabama (The Rock Family Worship).
• I play guitar and sing, have been in the choir and had even been lead vocal in worship once. 
• You can listen to one of my songs by clicking on this link (and also hear two of my little ones I recorded to be as the intro): [ ]
• I was the Property Manager of an apartment community (308 apartments). While managing the community, I also organized and operated parties and games for the youth. (Example: I created a mystery detective scavenger hunt game that sent them all through the community, gathering clues.)
• Because of my past as an atheist, I often engage unbelievers in thought-provoking conversations. I can provide an example of one of them coming to Christ.
• Suffice it to say that I have participated in many different ministries in multiple cities/states.


West Coast Bible College & Seminary (General Ministries)


I’m an intrepid innovator and man of integrity with creativity. I'm also a generous giver, active listener, learner, empathetic, passionate, dedicated, dependable, solution-seeker, detail-oriented, extremely analytical, systematic in my approach to everything, yet capable of adapting in order to accommodate a necessary change. I know when to lead, but I know when to be submissive as well.

Additional information

My General Ministry Philosophy: First and foremost, may GOD’s will be done, not my own. Also, cherish the church and keep the value; don’t allow deterioration. Stay excellent. Preventative maintenance is the best solution to a possible problem. Do not become complacent and comfortable. Stay active, alert and sober minded. Do the best with what GOD gives you. Be a good steward. Expect GOD’s goodness and greatness to bring goodness and greatness. Do your best and allow GOD to do the rest. If we expect to sail, we must have the sails up and the crew ready to sail. Wait for the wind, but be prepared to go when GOD says go. Unity is important; be team-oriented. Be real. Realistic expectations is healthy. Communication is key. We are encouraged to confess to each other about our mistakes, shortcomings, and disappointments. However, the focus is to be positive. We build each other up, not tear each other down. We grow together. Quality, not quantity; better, not necessarily bigger. Focus on being your best and give the growth to GOD. If our focus is centered on Christ, loving people, and reaching out to the lost, then growth will be inevitable. Do everything for the right reasons. We should be focused on spiritual health of the people present rather than the numbers of how many could be there. Are we changing lives? If so, we’re doing things right and those changed lives will change the lives of others. The focus should not always be on the fruit. Let’s plant seeds of salvation. GOD will grow His seeds. We should complete, not compete. We are not in competition with each other or other churches. We should all be striving toward the same goal of reaching people for Jesus. Did Jesus not tell us that the greatest amongst us will be the servant to others? We don’t need to be on top; in fact, we should be in the middle — the middle of GOD’s will. And to be in the middle of GOD’s will should take us into the darkest areas of life so we can shine the light of Christ. We should be in the spiritual battlefield. Are we reaching out to the homeless community? Are we cleaning up the streets where we live? Are we inviting the outcasts in? Are we feeding the poor? And the purpose of reaching the lost is why we should always be open and willing to change. We have the message of living water. We cannot afford to be stagnant water. We need to flow. Our desire to love people should compel us to constantly come up with creative ways to reach people. If that requires changing something we’re doing, then so be it. And even if what we do only reaches one person, it was worth it. You never know who that one person is and how many that one will eventually lead to Christ. We should not make excuses. We should be solution seekers. A problem should never be presented unless possible solutions accompany it. How can we do better? How can we do more with less? How can we grow? We grow when we take hold of the knowledge that everything is GOD’s and the glory belongs to Him alone. We grow when we are able to let go. We aren’t perfect. And that’s alright. Own your mistakes and move on. It’s okay to not be okay. We are allowed to have bad days. We should not fake it until we make it simply because we will not make it by faking it. We don’t need to pretend to be perfect. However, we are more than conquerers in Christ; we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and we will celebrate every victory. We should always have an attitude of gratitude. In everything, GOD should be praised. For all He has done, all that He is currently doing, and all that He will do. Praise!

My Youth Ministry Philosophy: I believe that we must meet them where they are in order to direct them to where they need to be. Relationship is required and prerequisite for discipleship. I must first establish relationships with students. Trust must be earned and a bond must be formed. It is through the act of building the relationships that I will be able to establish discipleship. It’s all about leading and building, guidance and growth. Their growth in discipleship should lead them into becoming leaders. They are not only to survive, but to thrive! They should be equipped to step into their roles of their future, wearing the full armor of GOD and equipped with the double-edged sword, which is the Word of GOD. Ministry leaders and volunteers need to approach every class with the knowledge that each teen is capable of complete commitment. The ultimate end goal is for every student to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. In turn, they will then go out into the world and fulfill the great commission, discipling others. I also believe that activities, outreach, and missions are important. And of course, students must have fun and enjoy everything about the youth ministry.
In summary, I think youth ministry can be described in five parts:
(1) Relationship (2) Preaching/Teaching (3) Life application challenge (4) Outreach opportunities (5) Activities / events / parties / celebrations