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I live in Dallas, TX, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Non-denominational church

Holden Grant's résumé

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Love students through the teachings and skills of Jesus.


I have been a volunteer for Hope Fellowship Church, in Frisco, TX, for 3 years. I have volunteered as a small group leader for both Middle School and High School. I also have been the "Hype Man" on stage speaking to the students about what the night entails and getting them energized for the service and activities of the night. During my time in the military, I served as a volunteer small group leader for a small group of teenagers ranging from 7th-12th grade. I have been creating and running my own home group for High School students every week for about a year. I love students and want nothing more than to see them grow through the words and teachings that Jesus gives me to teach them every week. Currently, I am starting up a "Serving Team" for our youth group for students. I also have led by example for my students.


BA Social Science, University of North Texas, Graduated December 2017


Strong belief in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe youth are the next generation of strong ambassadors for Christ and will use my talents to help them reach their leadership capabilities.

Creative and fun thinker

Great relationship building with students, parents, and fellow employees.

Good model and mentor for teens

Excellent listening ear

Great at planning and supervising exciting and wholesome activities

Good at establishing boundaries

Additional information

My Youth Ministry Philosophy: I believe that youth are the future of the church and as a volunteer, pastor, tech team, whoever is involved in activities for the students have a hand in helping to create future leaders of the church. It is my job as a Youth Pastor to not only be a part of that development but also be the one who creates an environment where students can feel the love of Jesus and grow deeper in their relationship with him. Ministry is to attend to the needs of those who I minister, that means that growing the students who need to grow, and reaching those students who are far from Jesus. I am providing the students a place in my ministry where they feel involved and loved through the skills Jesus has given me to do so. Assisting students to become better than I have always been my go to "thing to say", I don't want my students to be "as good" of a leader I am or strive to be me, or any other adult Christian role model in their life. I want them to be better, stronger in their faith, more knowledgeable about the bible and have more love in their heart for Jesus and others than I or anyone involved in my ministry ever has. Students are the future of the church and one of the most integral parts of any church's ministry.